Can badcopy pro 4 recovers data on damage/undetected flash drive

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Lots of important files is being saved and transfer. Flash drive is a compatible storage that can easily inserted and take out.

But when flash is being damaged or un able to detect. How can badcopy pro 4 recovers the files on the flash drive that is not detectable

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Can badcopy pro 4 recovers data on damage/undetected flash drive



HI Carlson Devorett,


If the flash drive is not being detected by your desktop/laptop, I'm afraid whatever you use will be of no use since it can't detect the device that it needs to check in order to make any kind of recovery. However, you can check if the system if it's not really being detected or just hidden. You can do this by:

1. Going to START MENU

2. Click RUN

3. Then type "diskmgmt.msc" 

4. You will see here all hard/removable drives connected 

5. If you can still find your flash drive here, then there MIGHT still be a chance. Right click on the flash drive (make sure its the flash drive), then click FORMAT. Formatting WILL erase all files inside, HOWEVER, with a special recovery software, you might still be able to recover SOME or in some cases, ALMOST ALL of the files on your flash drive.

6. Use your special recovery software after reformatting to recover recoverable files.


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