Can anyone suggest an online backup SSH service?

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Hi there.  Can anyone suggest an online backup SSH service for my Linux Server?  I need SSH access for my scripts that need to be run on a server and about 50 GB of media files that I need to backup.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Can anyone suggest an online backup SSH service?


Hi Larry,

The following list will help you find some nice online ssh backup service providers.

1. Deja Dup + Ubuntu One – for ubuntu server. Provide initial 5gb of storage for free, you can add more GB incrementally for $2.99 per month per 20 GB.

2. For Linux you have CrashPlan. It provides good security for your backups. You can have the entire Root directory or the home folder or any specific folder. Tariff $3/month for unlimited data.

3. Wuala: It is a cloud based backup solution. Initial 2 GB are free and then $29/year for 10GB.

4. Jungle Disk: Developed by Dave Write in the year 2007 and purchased by Rackspace only to make it a cloud files service. Charges $3/month which includes 5 GB of online data storage.

5. Spiderroak: Yet another cloud service provider. Gives away 2 GB free storage and then 100GB/month for $10.


Hope this information helps make you decision.



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