C++ VDM/SPX Related error Help

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Hey Techies,

I am learning C++, My knowledge is hence very raw.

I made my first simple program and had run it in the DOS mode.

However,there seems to be an error I get.

Cannot load UDM IPX/SPX support
Enter Two Numbers
As you see above, It says Cannot load VDM IPX/SPX support.
What do these terms mean?
Is it a serious issue?
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C++ VDM/SPX Related error Help


First you don’t panic and it’s not related to your C++ program. It’s just a simple issue with the Dos system files. This error is common when you execute a program in DOS shell and mostly its occurred due to missing files. Normally in Win XP and other lower Operating systems this is occurred when you install CSNW and Novell’s Netware client it additionally installs extra components like “autoexec.nt” and etc. But when you uninstall the client it leaves this additional stuff on your system causing these kinds of problems. So you need to remove these files manually. For windows XP just follow the instructions given below. Open Start -> Run -> Type “c:windowssystem32autoexec.nt” and look for the following entries in REM Install network redirector.

1.          lh %SystemRoot%system32nw16

2.          lh %SystemRoot%system32vwipxspx

If they exists check the following associated files are exist in the system by typing them in the Run.




If they are not already in delete the 1 and 2 files and Exit. If they exist you need a Win XP CD-Rom or GSNW or CSNE client to reinstall them.

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