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If a disk is divided into four partitions and there are four logical drives present in the computer and every partition has been assigned one logical drive, write the steps involved in calculating the LBA address of the third partition table.

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C Programming Language Type Question Need Urgent Solution


I will give the complete details in it; you can check it.

  1. Read partition table at LBA =0 (MBR).
  2. Read 16 bytes (Leave the first 446 byte i.e. code part and read the data part).
  3. Find relative address of boot record. (This will be second last Dword i.e.. from byte # 9-12.) and say it “RelAddOfBootRecordInPT1”.
  4. Find count of total block in this partition. (This will be last dword i.e.. from byte#13 -16) and say it “TotalBlkInPT1”.
  5. StartingAddressOfPT2= TotalBlkInPT1 + RelAddOfBootRecordInPT1
  6. Read first 16 bytes from starting address of partition table 2.
  7. Read the byte No. 9-12 and 13-16 to get ” RelAddOfBootRecordInPT2” and “TotalBlkInPT2” respectively StartingAddressOfPT3 = StartingAddressOfPT2 + TotalBlkInPT2 + RelAddOfBootRecordInPT2

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