Burn a DVD with photostory 8

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I am trying to burn a DVD with photostory 8 but continuously I am getting an error message. I checked the log file for 2 separate attempts and found the following message:

(date) 078: Step 4 of 6, Creating DVD image…Error: 84F
(date)468: MDA reports error 0x84000fb4 – read file from source failed

(date)656: Step 4 done
(date)656: ERROR: Prepare DVD Video Files() failed with error No 5 – encoding failed
(date)781: !!! DBK error in BurnProject: 45 – movie encoding failed!!!

Doing changes or adjustments to transitions, photos etc, I have tried several times bur getting the same. I am sure that my burner is working properly because it copies another DVD. I also uninstalled and reinstalled again but no result. 

I am struggling with this for weeks. If you have any suggestion, please give me.


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Burn a DVD with photostory 8


Hello Cathy,

You are getting that error because the DVD you are trying to burn the data from is corrupt, and therefore Photostory cannot be able to read the data from it. That is why in the error messages you can see statements like "reading from source" and "encoding failed".

To resolve that issue, you will need to do the following:

  • Trying wiping the DVD clean, and also the DVD drive for there may be dust that is preventing data to read successfully. After that try burning again and see it will work this time round.
  • If it does not, the DVD may be having scratches and in that case you will just need to obtain another DVD.




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