Building a personal supercomputer at home

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So how can I build a powerful supercomputer system at home which uses grid technology to connect to other servers on the web? What budget should I be looking at to achieve this ambition? What practical steps must I take and which machines would you recommend for me to use in this project? Would you advise I build a standalone system or one that relies on the internet?

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Building a personal supercomputer at home


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Method 1 : Almost every modern CPU (Central Processing Unit) on the market has two or more physical cores built directly into the chip package. Hence, you may buy and install mainstream CPU in a regular motherboard and call it Supercomputer. Indeed a modern Core i7 system will deliver computing power at a analogous level to that of a real supercomputer from 20 years ago such as the Intel Paragon which cost a million dollars and filled half a room.

Method 2 : You can also build a supercomputer by clustering several computers in LAN. That is exactly it. Learn more.

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