Could not connect to the internet after an update in Vista

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I'm having this new problem with web browser connection on my Sony Vaio LP. Everything is good, I can even use it in chatting, no changes are made except for the automatic updates have installed for Vista and an updates for Windows Defender.

Internet works fine with using Safari, Chrome, online game and etc. . However, both IE and Mozilla acts like my laptop is not connected to the Internet.

I've tried resetting both the winsock and TCP/IP stack, the system still cannot connect via HTTP. Also tried installing all updates available via Windows Update, resetting IE to default browser, turning off Windows Firewall, Pop-up blocker. I uninstalled Mozilla and Reinstalled it in a new version, nothings change as well as IE.

Has anyone seen an issue like this? Feel free to suggest please..

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Could not connect to the internet after an update in Vista


Are you connected through a router? Is this a DSL Connection or a Cable Internet connection? If you are using a router try doing a sequential power cycle first. To do so, turn off you modem and your router. Wait for 30 seconds and plug in the power back to the modem first, then your router. Still cannot connect? Proceed to next step:

1. Check whether you have a valid ip address (valid ip: 169,).

2. Ping a url and an ip address. if you are getting 100% loss when pinging a website (ping or when pinging an ip address of a website (ping that means you are not at all connecting to the server. Possible problems could be a third party firewall, try disabling windows defender or a DHCP issue (ISP issue).

3. If you are able to ping the url of the website, 0% loss when pinging – focus on your browser ( reset the browser ) if your done reinstalling your browser, its a possible WINSOCK error – try resetting winsock.

4. If you are not able to ping url but able to ping the ip address, its a possible DNS issue. Flush the DNS then register. If it does not work still, gather primary and secondary DNS and contact your isp for DNS issue.

trainer for a National Help Desk ( Tech support for a Cable company). Hope this helps. Please respond if you have further questions on the troubleshooting.

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Could not connect to the internet after an update in Vista


Hi Mary Grace,

It is really frustrating if the browser is not working properly. Alright, I see that Safari and Google Chrome is working properly but IE and Firefox is not. You have tried reinstalling IE and Firefox with the latest version. That's a good step to start with. Also, turning off firewalls and security software. Just to check, is this the first time you are having this issue? Were IE and Mozilla working before the updates on your computer? Try to do the  steps:

1. Remove all semantics on your computer. Uninstall, restart the computer and try to connect using IE/Mozilla.

2. Download this software:

3. Uninstall the updates.

Hope this help. All the best.

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