Brother Printer Related Difxdriverpackageinstall Error 10 Fixed!

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I purchased a printer yesterday, and I am facing an error today which is very frustrating. It says this difxdriverpackageinstall error 10. I am expecting an answer from someone on this site. Please answer soon. Thank you in advance.

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Brother Printer Related Difxdriverpackageinstall Error 10 Fixed!


Hi, yes you will face this error when you are trying to install a Brother printer or mainly when you are trying to install software related to this printer. This error will stop the installation process and create problems for its customers. Corrupt system files or their absence on a specific path can be reasons for this error. I have come up with few solutions:

Solution 1: Use administrative rights to download printer software

• The software is present in the CD that is provided with the printer or you can get it from the official Brother Website.

• After locating the setup file of the software, right- click on it and click on Run as Administrator.


• Follow all the instructions that proceed further and, this will not give you any errors.

Solution 2: Download Microsoft Printer Solution

• Microsoft has developed a printer error troubleshooter which can be used to fix such errors. You can download it from this link

• Follow the instructions and finish downloading the Troubleshooter.

• Download the printer. I hope it solved your problem.

• If you have the Windows ten Creator Update, then you can navigate to Settings, then Update and click on Troubleshoot.

• Click on Get up and running section and then select Printer and begin troubleshooting.

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