Brother Compact Laser Wireless Will Not Connect

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I have a urgent print job that needs to be finished but my printer a Brother HL Compact Laser. Is suppose to be connected by wireless and I can not keep its connection. There is no way to hard wire this printer to my computer. Any suggestions on how to connect this printer? Or why the wireless is not working?

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Brother Compact Laser Wireless Will Not Connect

Just installed the Brother HL Printer using the "Wired Network" instructions for Windows Vista. Have a Router and laptops.  The instructions were flawless: set up printer, pressed the Go button to print a two-sided test page, plugged into router, installed driver from CD (included) on my laptop, and registered the printer online.
NOTE: the printer does not show as connected unless the power switch is on.  
After installation, printed a Single page document – had to set the printer on "duplex" and it printed both sides of the paper flawlessly.
Had to install the printer driver on the other laptop before it would see the printer on the network.  Installation of the driver went flawlessly.  I tested another two-sided print and it worked.
then logged onto the printer using the IP address assigned by my router: (your number likely will be different). The printer management page showed 8 pages printed.only printed 6, so likely the factory printed one two-sided page before it shipped.
There was a box with the word "sleep" – I assume this was the printer status, meaning there were no print job pending or running, but there was no explanation of this box.  I logged into the admin area to see the settings for the printer.  There is a button there to reset the settings.




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Brother Compact Laser Wireless Will Not Connect


Some of the Brother printers I know that can connect and print wirelessly with a computer supports both Wi-Fi and USB connection and sometimes via Ethernet. If you have a Brother printer that can connect and print wirelessly with a computer via Wi-Fi, check the side of the printer if it also supports USB connection or maybe Ethernet.

If it has a USB port, it means it can connect to your computer via USB cable which the majority of the printers nowadays support. If this is the case, use the USB cable that came with it to connect it to your computer.

But if you verify it doesn’t support USB connection and it doesn’t have a USB port or not even an Ethernet port, then your computer should be equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter. Check that the Wi-Fi adapter on your computer is enabled and installed properly.

Also, when connecting your printer via Wi-Fi, make sure the distance of your computer is not too far from the printer because distance can affect connectivity. Try moving the printer closer to the computer then try printing.

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