Broadcom Netxtreme gigabit Ethernet Problem.

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My problem is very difficult and I cannot solve it when  I buy a pc. That is my pc mainboard is an intel chipset i865gv with built in sound, vga, and a lan controller.My problem with Lan Controller which is Broadcom Netxtreme gigabit based it is not working since I bought pc when I connect internet through it then it says user name and password invalid but when I connect through an pci lan adapter my connection working perfectly.

Anyone reply but in detail.

Help needed for solve this problem.


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Broadcom Netxtreme gigabit Ethernet Problem.


Hi Karim,

Your problem is not at all difficult, but rather a really fundamental one. There is nothing wrong with the Braodcom LAN Card at all, if you argue that it dials a PPPoE Connection correctly and asks for a username and password.

I guess you are on some sort of Campus LAN or trying to connect to the internet through some DSL service. Because when you are on simple Ethernet, you do not need a username or password to connect. However if your LAN connection is configured to be PPPoE (Point to point protocol over Ethernet), then it does asks for username or password.


You have not provided us with sufficient details. Still I can guess that there is an MAC-filtration operation in progress on your LAN. MAC-filtration means, only the registered MAC addresses are authenticated to connect. Your Broadcom Ethernet Adapter is not listed in the Mac-filtration table of the router governing your LAN. So that you do connect but Authentication server denies access saying username and password are invalid. Username and passwords are mapped to MAC-Addresses, this is a sort of a double security.

And it seems your LAN card in another PCI slot is fully functional, and this time your username and password are authenticated, which means that particular LAN Card's MAC is registered with your Campus LAN or local internet provider.

Hope you will find this info really helpful.


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