Briefly explains in two or three sentences the following terms?

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Briefly explain the following terms in two or three sentences?

  • Periodic Signal.
  • Sine wave.
  • Phase.
  • Composite signal.
  • Fourier Transform.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Encoding Digital Signal.
  • Modulating a digital signal.
  • Modulating an analog signal.
  • Digitizing an analog signal.
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Briefly explains in two or three sentences the following terms?


Periodic signal: If a signal completes a pattern within a measurable time frame or period and repeat the same pattern in equal interval of time.

Sine Waves: A simple analog periodic signals the curve of the cycle oscillates smoothly and consistently each cycle has an arc above and one below the time axis. Describe by amplitude/period or frequency/phase.

Phase: Describes the position of the waveform relative to time zero or origin or describe the amount of backward or forward shift if waveform.

Composite signal: Composed of multiple sine waves

Fourier transform: A technique in which any a periodic signal can be decomposed in infinite number of periodic signals.

Bandwidth: The width of the frequency spectrum of a signal. frequency spectrum is the collection of all component frequencies.

Encoding Digital Signal: The conversion of digital data into digital signal for transmission.

Modulating a digital signal:To convert digital signal into analog signal to transfer it through PSTN connection or ordinary phone.

Modulating an analog signal: To convert analog data into analog signal through analog media – analog to analog conversion.

Digitizing an analog signal: To convert an analog signal to digital signal for safe transmission and noise protection.

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Briefly explains in two or three sentences the following terms?


Here are some explanations for the terms you enumerated.

1. A periodic signal is the one that has a sequence (called period), which is repeated several times.

2. Sine waves are periodic signals which have an arc above and one below the axis, forming a complete period. The curve is symmetrical with respect to the X axis.

3. The phase is the displacement of a curve relative to the origin of the axis or to another signal.

4. A composite signal is formed by the superposition of multiple signals.

5. The Fourier transform is a way of decomposing a periodic, complicated signal into a series of simple sine and cosine waves.

6. The bandwidth is a measure of the width of a series of frequencies and is measured in Hertz.

7. Encoding digital signal means transforming digital information into a digital signal, ready for transmission.

8. Modulating a digital signal is the conversion of a digital signal into an analog one.

9. Modulating an analog signal means transforming it into another analog signal, with a different frequency. Two main methods are used: amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM).

10. Digitizing an analog signal is useful for a safer transmission. The analog signal is converted into a digital one.

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