Briefly Explain The Structure Of A Blockchain

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Briefly explain the structure of a blockchain and the main components in it and also briefly explain how the blocks are connected in a blockchain?

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Briefly Explain The Structure Of A Blockchain


A structure of a blockchain is straight-forward and consists of various blocks which are bonded together using pointers and linked lists. The lists can be stored either in a text file or as a simple database. These blockchains are linked using the following main components,

Pointers: These are a kind of variable that store the location of another variable, specifically the position of the variable in the blockchain.

Linked list: A Linked list is a sequence of blocks where each block is linked to specific data, and these are linked to each other using a pointer.

The first block does not have a pointer, and the last block may have a pointer which is empty, so it has a null value. Since it is the last block, it doesn’t point anywhere or to another block.

In essence, a blockchain is a connected list of records,

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