A brief description of the world wide web.

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Briefly explain your understanding of the World Wide Web and give a short explanation of its history and the idea behind its existence.

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A brief description of the world wide web.


Hi Dawn,

Today using the internet is very important and plays a significant role all over the world. It's an important aspect of communication and it’s very informative media that even surpassed the popularity of the Television. Internet has been a huge change nowadays for developers, internet-savvy, netizens the evolution of the internet resources came from people knowing about the internet. Because of the innovative ideas of developers, graphic artists, people who are computer geniuses which trigger to revolutionize communications and digital imaging ironically, people are so demanding we know that we're on in the fast – paced world and they need more innovations.

 Internet has been a virtually, fast communication where people connected, share ideas and thoughts, do business or personal use like emails, internet phone/dialer, video games, watch a movie, video streaming on another computer, book for an appointment, online tutorial, online jobs etc , internet makes life easier. I've just explained the "revolution" of the internet and the importance of this, through the use of computer device networks that can be programmed interconnected globally via Internet protocol suite to connect users worldwide.

Internet Now, we're going to explore the meaning of World Wide Web [ www ] or just simply web [Information Network] this defined as system interlinked hypertext files and document accesses through the use of a medium which known as the Internet. Sir Tim-Berner's Lee is a British computer scientist. He is the inventor of World Wide Web. He wrote "Weaving the Web" his popular discovery was to integrate hypertext to the internet.

Steele Ney

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