Bounded-Buffer Problem • Readers and Writers Problem

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My name is John Sena and doing job in IT department. But I am a bit confused in mixing the concepts.

What is the similarity OR difference among the following?

• Bounded-Buffer Problem

• Readers and Writers Problem

• Dining Philosophers Problem.

Please also tell me that What is the difference between BATCH SYSTEMS and MULTI PROGRAMMED SYSTEMS? I am waiting for the answer of above mentioned questions.


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Bounded-Buffer Problem • Readers and Writers Problem


Bounded Buffer Problem:

This problem is caused in between two process may be producer and consumer who can be sharing a common and some sort of fixed size buffers. The producer looks to generate data while the consumer at the time  looking to consume that data and when buffer becomes full it is not possible for the producer to produce data as the buffer is full and when the buffer becomes full, consumer can't consume as it has nothing to consume.

You can see a flash file for this problem on the given link

Reader & writers problems:  

It is an example of common problem occurs in computing due to concurrency of the computing methods. It usually occurs in threads and memory process. In this sort of problem constraint is on that not a single reader be in wait situation in the buffer and share the resources.

Dining Philosophers Problems:

This problem is a pictorial view of the problem of concurrency in computing. This problem mostly occurs in single or multi synchronization process.

A picture is attached where you can see further proper process. 

Batch and multi programmed systems:

A batch system or a machine is one where the different tasks are submitted at once to the machine. It is improved system performance but it reduces the overall interactivity of the system and due to which performance degrades. A picture for this system is attached with the name batch, 

Regarding multi programmed systems they increase the performance of the system as the jobs are divided into codes and different source codes due to which only one process execute at a single time and hence the overall system performance increases

Hope this material will help you in understanding the basics of these

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