Bottleneck Error in my PC?

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I have a PC with the configuration as stated below:

Processor: 3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo E8400

Motherboard: Intel DG35EC

Ram: 2 GB.

PCI: ATI Radeon HD5670

Now, I am having some bottleneck error. When I go to play Crysis 2 and COD Black Ops, my system stutters sometimes and makes my PC to reboot. My CPU & Memory usage is 79% and 80-90% max. Now what’s the problem? Is it for CPU or Memory? Please inform me. Thanks.

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Bottleneck Error in my PC?


A bottleneck error is an error, when the total performance is limited, by single or few components of the system. It comes from the phenomena of pouring water in a bottle, where the rate of pouring is limited by the neck of the bottle. From the configuration of your PC, what I can see is that you have a great problem with your RAM. Consuming 80-90% memory means it must trouble your PC. You can try to remove this error by adding some more RAM.

But there are other things too. As I searched through the net, I have seen that a high configuration PC also stutters, when it goes to play COD black ops or Crysis 2. I got a thread where I found that there are some bugs in COD Black Ops.About Crysis, I can say that it always consumes more resources, than other games. So you can upgrade your PC to fix these errors. You can also read this post.

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