BSOD: Himem.sys error, XMS Driver not installed

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Yesterday when I open my computer I got the Blue Screen of Death in normal start up. So I try to start it on safe mode but an error occurred saying “himem. sys has detected unreliable XMS memory at address 02C02CO2 XMS Driver not installed”.

What kind of error related to himem. sys?

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BSOD: Himem.sys error, XMS Driver not installed


The error can be related to either of these four: Missing himem. sys or emm386. exe, himem. sys or emm3886 are corrupted, Autoexec. bat and config. sys have conflicting data or programs, causing this issue or Memory in computer are bad or corrupt.

To know if both himem. sys and emm386 is in your computer system, type the following command in command prompt:

  • CD and press enter
  • CD windows and press enter
  • Dir himem.sys and press enter
  • Dir emm386.exe and press enter

If it says file not found you can copy it to another computer or the bootable floppy disk. You can also do this if these two are corrupt. Verify also if the config. sys is properly setup, it should be like this: DEVICE=C:WindowsHimem. sys or DEVICE=C:DOSHIMEM. SYS

If you encounter an error when booting on a bootable diskette it is more likely that there is a related hardware issue or a memory error on your computer. If a repair won’t work in solving this problem then you have to take your computer to a computer technician to fix this issue.

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BSOD: Himem.sys error, XMS Driver not installed



  • That could be cause by a corrupted himem. sys or a defective RAM. Please follow some options written below to fix the problem.
  • Option 1: Insert your bootable floppy disk or CD, "select start computer with CD ROM support", now at command prompt type edit config. sys and add these values and remove the disk then REBOOT.
  • Option 2: Insert your bootable floppy disk or CD, select start computer with CD-ROM support, now at command prompt type the following command; remove the disk and reboot.
  • copy himem.sys c:windows /y
  • Option 3: Unplug power cord of your PC, now locate your RAM, clean it up and replug it to an extra RAM port at Mboard. Replug power at turn on PC.
  • Option 4: If all option failed, then I suggest download the memory test tool to check your RAM if defective. Download the utility in this site its free

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