Bluetooth problem on my phone

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My Nokia N85 Phone's Bluetooth is not working. Every time I use it to send or receive files like photos and mp3, it keeps saying "Operation Failed". I've tried sending photos and mp3 to different kinds of phone but same thing happened.

I thought that it is not  just compatible with other phone but I've tried almost all kinds of phone to send something but still won't work.

I don't know how to fix this.

Please help.



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Bluetooth problem on my phone


Hello there!

Your phone might be compatible with the other phones you were pairing it. The only problem is that the Nokia N85 Bluetooth is really defective. 

Many people encounters Bluetooth connectivity with Nokia N85. The N85 is still suffering from Bluetooth issues. It is not exactly a perfected firmware issue but the device itself is faulty.
Try to call the Nokia Customer Care and see if they can help you.
(I doubt they can since many people are still having this problem.)
Sorry to say but you might need to get a new phone if you really want a working Bluetooth. Good Luck!
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Bluetooth problem on my phone


Nokia N85 comes along with the internal memory of ~70 MB . I am mentioning phone memory because whatever files you take or send from Bluetooth first gets copied to phone memory. so , if you are transferring data more than say 70 MBs at a time then it will give the operation failed error.

Also, some of the devices are need to be paired before you can exchange any files through Bluetooth. Try to detect other device and then select pair device option which will ask pin number to both of the device users. You can insert any number but make sure that both users should enter the similar number.

Once you get paired you can send files without any interruption

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Bluetooth problem on my phone


Try restarting the phone and sync via Bluetooth again and try sending files and see if it helps.

Try updating your phone's firmware/software by using the Nokia PC Suite which you can find here:

You Bluetooth devices may also be in range of other appliances or wireless devices that may be operating at the same frequency as your Bluetooth devices which would then cause much interference and interrupt the Bluetooth connectivity. Try and move to another location and see if it becomes better. Try to get both devices a little closer as well if possible.

Try and disable 3G in your phone and see if it helps.

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Bluetooth problem on my phone


Hi Adrian,

Check the Bluetooth connection settings of both your phone and the other device that you want to transfer the files to. Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned ON in both cases.

If you are transferring the files from your phone to a computer, then you have to click on 'receive files' by right clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the task bar of your computer which should be part of the hp assistant of you are using a hp computer or it is just displayed as an icon in the task bar of your computer before you send the files from your phone.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Bluetooth problem on my phone


There seems to be a problem with your Nokia N85 BT, it’s possible that your software is not compatible with other phones. Or it might be in the wrong mode that disconnects the photos, music while transferring it. You may either check also the other device if the Bluetooth settings is in the right track.

As far as I know, NOKIA hasn't able to come up a resolution to that problem. They might have some troubleshooting too while trying to fix the dilemma.

If it doesn’t work until now, I suggest that your phone should be reformatted and have it check in the mobile repair shop too.


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