Blue screen with an error message

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While working in my computer I experienced a blue screen and I couldn’t do any work with that.

Then it gets an error message "Windows XP Stop 0x0000001E Error".

Why does this happen?

Please explain me.

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Blue screen with an error message


Windows XP kernel has detected an illegal or unknown processor instruction in your system.

You can find the problem and its reason.

The driver or faulty hardware that caused the issue usually indicated by the exception addresses.

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Blue screen with an error message


When you experience a blue screen while you are working with your computer, it is a critical error should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage of your hardware and software in your computer. So therefore you will have to check all the registry entries manually, these procedure is long and exhausting.

It will take a few days to handle this error, so therefore I recommend you to back-up all your files and format your computer, maybe its because the registry of your computer might be corrupted by the Virus found in your computer that you will not know. 

So I hope this will help you for this solution.

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Blue screen with an error message


This event can happen if you restart your computer during or after the Windows Setup process.

Some causes of such problem are the following:

1. There is lack of disk space on the drive where your Windows is installed.

2. There is an outdated or incompatible third-party driver or sometimes drivers installed on your computer. Example of which is an outdated video card.

stop: 0x0000001E(0x80000003,0xBFC0304,0x0000000,0x0000001)
To help you resolve your problem, you need to do the following:
1. Free up disk space – Make sure the disk/drive in which your Windows is installed has enough disk space. You can also try installing Windows into a different disk/drive that has enough disk space.
2. Remove or disable the third-party driver – If your error gives a name of a driver, this certain driver may have caused this error. Try disabling it or worst case, remove that specific driver. If the error still occurs, contact the manufacturer of the hardware and ask on how to update the driver.
Hope this helps your problem. Have a nice day.
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Blue screen with an error message


Resolution Methods:

Depending on the cause, you can resolve the error by using one of the following methods:
Method 1: Free Up Space on the Hard Disk:
The first thing you should do when you receive the error message is to ensure that you have enough free space on your hard disk. Some of the tasks that you can perform to free up disk space are discussed below:
  • Use Disk Cleanup tool to get rid of unwanted data on your computer.
  • Uninstall no longer required programs from your computer.
  • Use Disk Defragmenter tool to repair fragmented files from the disk.
Method 2: Disable or Remove the Third-Party Driver:
In case the name of the device driver appears with the Stop 0x0000001E error message, it implies that the mentioned driver is faulty, incompatible, or outdated. To resolve the error in this case, you must try to uninstall or disable this driver and then try to setup Windows XP.
You may also try to visit the Web site of the driver manufacturer and try to search for an update for the problematic driver.
Method 3: Upgrade the BIOS of your System:
The stop 0x0000001E error message may also display if the system BIOS of your computer is outdated. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer of your motherboard or your computer for updated BIOS and install it on your system.
A filled up hard disk and outdated drivers and system files are a major cause of several computer errors. Additionally, a filled up and bloated Windows registry and virus and spyware infections also add to your PC problems. These problems can be easily avoided by a little vigilance and some extent of preventive maintenance.
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Blue screen with an error message


Such type of problem usually can occur when someone restarts the computer during or after the Windows Setup process. If any of the following conditions are true then there are following possible reasons:

  • It might be possible that the disk space on the drive is insufficient, on which you installed or trying to install Windows.
  • Or there must be outdated or incompatible (third-party) driver/s installed on your computer.
  • The BIOS of the computers may be incompatible.

There are three following possible solutions to resolve this issue, use any one of the following methods as appropriate to your situation.

Method 1: Free Up Disk Space:

Make sure that the disk on which you installed Windows has sufficient free disk space. If it doesn’t have enough space then reinstalls Windows to another disk, which has sufficient free space.

Method 2: Disable or Remove the Third-Party Driver:

If the STOP 0x1E error message shows a driver by name, then disable or remove that driver. Then reinstall the windows. If this solution resolves the problem then it is ok. If you want to install that third-party hardware then contact the manufacturer to obtain more information about how to get the latest version of the driver.

Method 3: BIOS up gradation:

To upgrade your system BIOS, you must contact the motherboard manufacturer of your computer. Microsoft Debugging Tools is also very helpful to obtain more information about this error message. Go to the following Microsoft Debugging Tools Web link to download, install, and use the Debugging Tools:

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Blue screen with an error message


Hi good day,

You can fix this kind of error you can visit this link.

The explanation of this error was in here. Please read carefully while you proceeding your task.

I don’t want to talk more just go and visit the link that I mention above.

Thank you, hope its help.



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