Blocking websites without downloading applications

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Is it possible to block websites without using or downloading an application or software and what are the steps in doing so?

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Blocking websites without downloading applications


Hello Richard L. Haynes,

It seems that you do not want to let certain persons or unauthorized persons from entering specific sites especially at your very own homes and in your own working place. Managing your children and your employees from entering specific sited sure is an annoying task especially when they insists so much. Anyway, yes, it is possible to block certain sites in your computer and in your own network without even downloading or installing an application or software in your computer. Well, if it is for your network like a router. then it is very easy since you can manage it in your router settings.

There is a firewall in your router settings which enable you to block URL's or certain websites. Just check out your manual, or simply visit your manufacurer's site for more details. On the other hand, blocking websites in your computer is done through your operating system's settings especially in Windows. You see, Windows has parental controls feature. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Parental Controls via Control Panel.

2. Manage your user accounts. Have yourself a master user account, and create a user account where you can apply the parental controls.

3. Just follow the instruction. You should be able to manage or block websites from there.

Hope it helps.

Mathew Joni

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Blocking websites without downloading applications


Hi Richard,

Yes, you can do it without using any software. Please follow the processes.

1 Go to windows then system 32.

System 32

2 Now, go to drivers and then etc. Now, search the file hosts. Now open the file with notepad.

3. Search for the file “ localhost” in the notepad. Under this add the site link that you need to block. Like this:  

4. Save the file and then quite the file. Restart your PC and enjoy. Thanks. 

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