Blackberry Torch device, GPS connectivity. Software problem or bug?

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We all know that Blackberry isn't exactly the most user friendly or reliably, but when we buy one we expect all the features to work, at least all the default items it includes.

A lot of people are complaining that their Blackberry devices have connectivity issues when it concerns GPS.

I wanted to hear your opinion as I am currently having the same software issues. My inbuilt GPS is refusing to connect. 

Software problems to me seems the obvious reason however upgrading the firmware resolved nothing.

The GPS itself works sometimes if you do not move, you move an inch and connections is lost. I need some opinions on this from you guys?



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Blackberry Torch device, GPS connectivity. Software problem or bug?


For your Blackberry GPS to work, you need to set it up properly. It needs to have navigational maps which are downloadable. Since maps are downloadable you need to be subscribed to a data plan and must have a radio signal. You have a built-in GPS in your Blackberry you need to have a Bluetooth connection, subscribed to a data plan and must be in an area with a high radio signal.

Then try to follow these steps. In your Blackberry Options click Advanced Options, click Applications, click TMJ-Mobile, click Edit Permissions. Be sure that the Connections/Locations Data is set to Allow. Go to Blackberry Options/GPS and set GPS Data Source to Device GPS; GPS Services to Location ON and Location Aiding to Enabled. Then, restart your Blackberry phone.

Then try to go outside and verify your GPS signal. Go back to your Blackberry options/GPS/Refresh GPS Function. Observe if the Longitude and Latitude is updating with the local values. If not, there must be something wrong with your Blackberry unit.

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Blackberry Torch device, GPS connectivity. Software problem or bug?


Hi Passphy,

Thank you for posting your question and I appreciate you that you are open for solutions that others suggest.

I had also encountered that problem because I have also a blackberry phone. I have done many research but the steps and solutions that they give did not work well the problem still remain.

But thanks to Maze Angel I followed the steps she gave and it worked to my phone. My GPS now connects well and its fast. I suggest that you must follow the solution given by Maze angel. If doesn't still work contact the manufacturer they are still liable for that.

Thank you Maze angel your really an angel.

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