Blackberry Desktop Manager Will Not Run After Upgrade to Windows 7

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I recently changed my computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 and just this morning I found out that my Blackberry Desktop Manager will not run every time I try to click on its icon. And now I cannot sync up my calendar which is quite freaking me out.

Just so you know I installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager Version 6.02 and I am getting the Welcome screen but when I try to click on “Get Started” an error message will pop up saying that the software has stopped working. It kinds of freezes itself.

I hope somebody can help me out with this problem.


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Blackberry Desktop Manager Will Not Run After Upgrade to Windows 7


Hi there,

To fix the problem, use these steps:

* Login as Administrator or to a user account equivalent to this.

* Right click on My Computer and then click on System Properties.

* Click the Advanced tab. Click Environment variables.

* Under System Variables, click on New to add a new variable.

* Type windir as the Variable name.

* Type “C:Windows” as the value.

* At the end, Click on OK to close the dialog.

Note: The above assumes that Windows is installed in “C:Windows” directory. If Windows is installed onto a different drive or directory, you must adjust the path according to that or it will not work.

I was fixing another problem when this fixed my BlackBerry DM problem!

If it does not help! Please do the following.

The fix is to upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software or

I have taken their advice and downgraded to the BDM 5.01 until its fixed. I advise you should do it until they fix the error in the update package 6.02.


Syed H.

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