Black screen error sometimes in laptop after some time

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I am facing a problem with my new laptop. I use dell one. For past several weeks the laptop has started to turnoff for itself for no reason. I do not work that much in laptop. I never run high algorithms or 3D design software to think of over speed over heat. Still, the laptop turns off by itself after just 30 to 45 minutes of power on. Is this because of a virus? I even kept laptop just on doing nothing. However problem repeated again. Now I am worrying about my laptop? Can anyone help?

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Black screen error sometimes in laptop after some time


1. Make sure that the anti-virus is up-to-date.

2. Automatic turn OFF and turn ON problem of your laptop is because of LCD inverter or display cable connection problem. Either you have to meet the manufacturer or check with the help of manual.

3. Perform digital screen checker: Luminance Meter tests 2D/3D screen brightness & lamp light performance.

4. Connect an external monitor and check. If there is no problem on that time, then change the monitor. Make sure that the resolution of the screen before buying. And then consult this service manual for instructions on how to dismantle and replace it.

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Black screen error sometimes in laptop after some time


Check if the laptop really turned off or just went to sleep or hibernated. By default, Sleep and Hibernate are enabled when you install Microsoft Windows. The machine will go to sleep mode after a preset number of minutes or hours. If you noticed your laptop just turned off for no reason, press any button on the keyboard to wake it up.

If the machine just went to sleep mode, pressing any key should wake it. But if the machine really turned off, pressing a key will not turn it back on. If your laptop turned back on after pressing a key, it means it just went to sleep mode and this is fine.

But if you cannot turn it back on with a press of a key, it means it is really turned off. The most common reason why laptops suddenly turn off is overheating. The best and easiest remedy is to use a cooling pad. Try checking Laptop Cooling Pad 2 Fan USB Powered on eBay. This is for 14-inch to 17-inch size laptops.

It costs $15.29 with free shipping worldwide. See exclusions to check if your country is included for free shipping. Also check Mini Vacuum Air Extracting USB Cooling. It is a vacuum-like device you attach on the side of your laptop and plugs to your USB port.

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