Black AOL mail icon when computer goes idle

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I am having problem with my newly installed AOL 9.6 Desktop on my Windows 7 computer. Whenever my computer goes idle , going to sleep mode and AOL is open, icons on my mailbox and other places ended up with a black background. Thinking that this is a problem with the AOL software, I removed it then installed a new one but the same thing happened.

I’m wondering why this only happens when the computer is going idle. AOL says that this is a problem with my computer’s graphic driver even though other programs and web sites I access are okay. I already tried checking for conflicts by running the MSCONFIG then starting the computer in selective start-up. 

If this is a problem with the graphic driver, how do I know what type of graphic driver I need? My computer is fairly new, only 4 months old.


Melisa McDies.

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Black AOL mail icon when computer goes idle


This is a unique problem. I don’t have this type of problem before. Your problem is you installed AOL and it is not working properly. This error message that shows in your image seems to be specific with the AOL servers. I can give you more than one solution for it. You may be able to follow this links here I an giving and check there. May be you find some helps from this site

Other option is directly contact with AOL. For this you can follow this link. It will take directly AOL help link. I hope here you must find some solution for your problem. Just check it out.

You also search Google for find out more option for solve this problem.

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