Best way to present phd thesis proposal on ppt

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I have a PhD thesis proposal and I want to present it with PPT. I want suggestions to present my PhD thesis proposal on PPT. Give any link about it if possible.

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Best way to present phd thesis proposal on ppt


Good day!

If you are doing a thesis proposal, of course you must first consider FORMALITY. Since it is for thesis purposes, your work must be formally made and more technically written.

One more tip is to use appropriate FONT. Times New Roman and Arial are 2 of the most used fonts for formal proposals like this.

If you want to know more, just visit this site:

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Best way to present phd thesis proposal on ppt


For using PowerPoint as academic visuals like in your PhD presentation, here are some suggestions on how to pull-out a fantastic presentation.

1.  Start by giving an overview of your presentation.  Show an outline of your work and audience an overview of what your presentation is all about.

2. Use a formal template, one that doesn't have a strong bright background.  Be consistent with your background color all throughout your slides.

3. Avoid using bold fancy fonts.  Make your presentation as formal as possible but at the same time not boring.  Make sure that your fonts are big enough for the people to read and not too big that you can't hardly put enough text on your slide. Safe font sizes are 18, 20 and 24 pts.

4. If you want to put images, make sure that they are related to your text or to the  information you want to send.  Images make presentations interesting and this would catch the attention of your audience.

5. Don't provide too many slides. Make sure  not to spend too much time discussing one slide, around 1 minute per slide is acceptable.

6.  Your text doesn't have to be in paragraph form, you can also use bullets. 

7. A little animation won't hurt but try not to use sound effects that could agitate your listeners.

More tips and ideas can be found here:


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