Best stegnography decoding software in ranking

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I love stenography and i am looking for a Linux compatible stenography software that can decrypt almost all stenography encryption algorithms if not all. i have already used stegexpose to detect if an image contains any hidden message – which detects most of them but i still fail to decrypt the hidden contents in the image files. 

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Best stegnography decoding software in ranking


Hello Teresa!

I can only name three of the best stenography that we can use in Windows platform.

1. QuickStego. This is a free software available for Windows platforms. You can hide text in pictures. Formats supported that you hide information will be BMP, JPEG, JPG, and GIF. Upon converting the file it will save the file only in BMP.

2. Xiao Stenography. You can use this to hide secrets or important information in BMP and WAV files. Output will then be save as BMP and WAV files.

3. Open Stego. A java based program that is so quick and small space will be use in your computer hard disk space. It can also hide information in the formats of BMP, JPEG, JPG and GIF.

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