Best Reporting Tools for Java Environment

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I'm a newbie in here and I was wondering if you can help me.

I'm developing a software using Netbeans and the database I'm using is MySQL. The web applications. My development is finished 50% and I'm going to create some reports generated from the web applications, but I don't know what kind of reporting tools are suitable for it. Some of my friends are suggesting me to use i-Report, while the others are suggesting me to use Crystal Reports.

When I was developing a desktop application, I always use Crystal Report 8.5. But now after I'm developed web applications, I have no idea if I can still use Crystal Reports 8.5. I don't know if the Crystal Reports are suitable for Java Environment since, I think it was intended for a .Net programming.

I know there are many best reporting tools out there and wondering if you're in my place, what kind of reporting tools that you're going to use. For i-Report, I've tried using it but I cannot get more satisfaction results I guess my mindset still in Crystal Reports. So sometimes I try to applied it in i-Report.

Please help me find the best reporting tools that works great in Java Environment.



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Best Reporting Tools for Java Environment



Dear Stan,
There are hundreds of web reporting programs available on the internet, ReportMill12 and Java Inventor are quite popular among them.
1. ReportMill12: ReportMill12 consists of a user-friendly interface and a strong Java API in a single jar file. This tool is considered the best reporting tool for Java as it helps the integration of Java application a lot easier.
Here are a few features of ReportMill12:
1. Reporting embedded into the tool.
2. Integration of the report in very easy. 
3. Simple API. 
4. Supports Excel, PDF, HTML, Swing, PostScript, etc. 
5. Templates based on XML. 
6. Tables and table groups.
7. Graphs and Labels.
8. Powerful design application.
9. Crosstabs.
2. Java Inventor: Java Inventor is the very first IDP (Integrated Development Platform) which allows you to work with all parts of application development. It offers:
1. Learning Java programming.
2. Designing web pages and Swing user interfaces graphically.
3. Creating data tables, forms and reports.
4. Deploying custom java.
5. Desktop and browser deployment.

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