Best Privacy software for Linux

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Hi Experts,

Please suggest me a best Privacy software for Linux, which will help me to surf the Internet anonymously, and thereby having privacy.

Even though there are many tools to facilitate Privacy for the free and open source Linux operating system, I am unable to find the best, So I need an expert advice in this regard.

Angela Martinez

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Best Privacy software for Linux


Hello Angela, you seems like very much worried about your privacy.

Linux is an open source OS so that there are a little bit chance that Linux is the target of any intruders. But when surfing the web, keeping privacy safe is of great importance.

It mainly depends on your internet browser. Through browser, cyberpunks have got no trouble with the targeted PC’s OS because there are many browsers which run on different OS as the same style.

·         Ghostery is a great extension for chrome. It helps you become a detective with your online connection. It is compatible with Chrome only.

·         HTTPS Everywhere is another awesome tool. HTTPS is too hard to be tracked to intruders because it has got awesome encryption system that won’t allow them to break down so easily. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

·         AdBlock Plus is also a good tool for Chrome and Firefox. It blocks ads. That makes annoying ads disappear because ads are the best way to attract anyone to be infiltrated.

Hope you are happy now.

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