Best plans available for Hosting space

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I cannot choose what is the best hosting plan for me. I would like to know if there is a disk space dedicated to my server and if there is, how can I check it? How much disk space do I need for my dedicated server?

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Best plans available for Hosting space

Hosting plans can be either free or premium, so you choose which one suits your situation. If you plan to have a lot of pages and databases being hosted, then you can opt to host using the premium hosts but then you have to pay the subscription fee and there are annual charges for the space you will be allocated.
The free domain hosting is also good, you are given a quite considerable amount of space. So if the site you want to host is not bulky, you can use the free hosts and see if it works well for you. But you can always upgrade to premium membership anytime, if you later find that the space you are offered with the free hosts is not enough or you just need to move from the free hosts.
Some of free hosting areas are:
Hope this helps.
Lee Hung.

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