Best network PIM freeware in the internet (Personal Information Manager)

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Hello experts, I would like to ask a few questions about Personal Information Manager Software.

I have a friend told me about it. He said that it is very useful to organize things.

Now, I would like to know more about this software before using it. Can you explain it to me?

How is it work?

Can you give me what is the best network PIM freeware that I can use?

Thanks a lot.

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Best network PIM freeware in the internet (Personal Information Manager)


Hi Abel,

Well I strongly recommend you for the best network personal information management software named “Chandler”.

It is designed for personal and small group task management and calendaring.

It is free software and it is released under the “APACHE LICENSE 2.0” and it was released on August 8/2008.

It is available for cross OS platforms.

Chandler is developed by “OSAF” Open Source Application Foundations.

Main Programming Language which is used “Python”.

Chandler design goals

  1. It is used build an open source apps that supports “Open Standards”
  2. Python Language is use for both high level and low level performance code.
  3. It designs platforms that support an extensible modular architecture.
  4. It uses a persistent object database
  5. It has a build in security module.
  6. It also has a build in architecture that supports communication, sharing and collaboration.

I am pretty sure that you’ll love this software to will work on it. Good Luck!


Johnstoon Leen

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