The Best Eight Recommended Google Software Applications For You

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What are the eight most remarkable software applications from Google that are quite on the blind side of most consumers yet, has existed for many years? Which of these apps would you rate us Number One and why? What are the significant features of each app and how are these Apps still relevant to modern technology?

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The Best Eight Recommended Google Software Applications For You


Google Translate: I don't know how would i have done without this app, The app is simple, And easy, Yet very efficient, I use it frequently to check spelling and find out new vocabs.

Google maps: The best navigation and mapping app is Google's one, It is the most accurate navigation you can use, It also packs a lot of non popular local places.

Google sheets: The most convenient spread sheets you can use, You can use Google​ sheets on any device having internet access, It doesn't require prior software installation, Also it doesn't require any minimum requirements, just internet access.

Google Docs: The easiest way to edit documents instantly is by using Google docs, Most people ditch Microsoft office, For the easiness of Google docs.

Google drive: The best way to back up my files, And transfer files from iOS to any other system

Other fascinating apps like Google sky are amazing, Google keeps there apps updated constantly to meet the users need, The google apps also features sleek, And anomalistic designs, With straight forward features, Google apps are the best

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