Best Connection to be used between two schools

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A school is planning to connect or to extend its LAN to the other schools which is 70 meters from each other. Actually, the school is planning to extend its property.

They already bought new PCs and a server. Now, the management wants to make sure that the sharing of data is consistent and reliable regardless of the weather condition.
What type of media would be the best to use, in order to limit signal attenuation between two buildings?
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Best Connection to be used between two schools



The connection of network between these two schools that are 70m apart will result into a Wide Area Network. This simply means two networks that are connected over a wide area.

The first thing to assess is the point of sight. This means that you need to see if the distance between these two schools has any destruction that may hinder you from creating a wireless network as this will reduce bulkiness of cables and also equipment. For wireless network, perform the following:

1. Assess the environment and ensure there is point of sight as this will determine the signal strength.

2. With the go ahead, establish a point in any one of the schools where you will mount the access point for the wireless signal. Make sure the location is strategic.

3. Ensure all the machines to be in the network have wireless network cards or wireless capabilities so that they can receive the signal.

4. Define each machine through the server by defining the IP addresses on the domain name specification keeping in mind that the gateway IP is the one defining the number or the IP address of each machine via the server, while the server defines the path.

5. Name or assign these addresses in ascending order in number form and make sure you note for each school.

6. Test the network by initiating the signal strength and also sharing of files and other data.

When it come to cables, the same format is used only that you have to have several switches of a few number of ports, and then ensure you also use the network cables to link these switches.

The machines IP definition is still the same via the server only that the cables must be aligned and attached to the specific port that defines them.

Each machine from either school must be linked to the server via the switches and the machines of this other school must also be fixed to the switches and the different switched linked together via cables and then onto the server. Testing is still done the same way and speed and redundancy issues are seen when files are shared.

Take note to have supported software for network definitions and also back-up software for data. Also make sure tat the color coding of the RJ-45 cables is the same as the school that is connecting to the network.

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Best Connection to be used between two schools


Hallo Logan,

The best connection between the two buildings will be a cable network, considering that the buildings are only 70 meters apart and therefore there is nothing to be afraid of about the cost of the cable for it will not cost much.

If the school can afford, I will advice that they go for a fiber cable that offers high speeds as compared to the twisted pair cables.

Some other things that will be needed include routers which I think will be two, one being for the old building and one for the new building so that to enable routing of packets to the network in the new building. A switch for connecting the additional computers will also be required.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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Best Connection to be used between two schools


Networking 2 schools 70 meters apart are attainable and can be done either using wired and wireless connection.

The wireless connection will cost you a bit because of maintenance. You will need to Burry and or install wires long enough to reach to the other building 70 meters apart.

Unlike wireless, all you need is to have a wireless router, switches and a wireless repeater. These devices will allow you to connect to the Internet in by using wireless connections.

However, you'll need to create more secured wireless encryption key in the form of either Mac filtering or WEP/WPA key encryption code. This allows users connected to the Internet including teachers and most especially students.

Students need Internet access for their school projects and other purposes needed to improve their studies.

However, wired networking allows all wired desktop computers link together by the use of proxy servers, assigning IP Address and other networking settings and configuration needed to network all devices attached. In my case, I would go for wireless than wired.

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