Best And New Gadgets For Windows 7 Out On The Net.

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Don’t judge me as I am still using Windows 7. But, it would be of great help if you can elucidate me about new gadgets for Windows 7 that are available for download. Would you do that?

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Best And New Gadgets For Windows 7 Out On The Net.


Who am I to judge? I will help you to find the most useful and efficient gadgets for Windows 7. The list below has highly rated and most downloaded gadgets of all time in Windows 7.

  1. All CPU Meter: It provides you with the performance data of your Multi-core processor draped in the color you like.
  2. Clipboard Manager: It has a slick look and helps you to save a lot of clips at a single place.
  3. Stock Meter: If you are investing in stocks, it might be the best companion. It updates the stock value every minute or according to the set time.
  4. App Launcher: Similar to Quick Launcher, it allows you to drag any number of items on it. It is faster and better.

Likewise, other gadgets like MiniTV, Digital Clock, Unit Converter, etc. can satisfy your appetite.

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