Best alternative for cooling overclocking CPUs

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My CPU keeps on overheating every time and I think it is a problem with the fan. I need to choose between the Hyper 212+ and the Evo but I do not know which is best. I do not want to make price the basis of my choice since I am looking for quality. Is there anyone who knows the differences between the two and the advantages or disadvantages of each?

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Best alternative for cooling overclocking CPUs


Happy to support you!

The models have slight differences, yet their pros and cons can be presented as below, so that you can compare the features to select the best according to your budget.

Hyper Evo

  • More quitter
  • PWM fan control present
  • Has an interior fan
  • No grooves present between heat pipes
  • More cooling capability with improved air flow
  • 46 grams lighter

Hyper 212+

  • Remounting & removing the old TIM is a bit difficult
  • But this is a better bargain

However since the budget does not bother you, it is advisable to shift to the newer Hyper Evo model.

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Best alternative for cooling overclocking CPUs


Hello Ronald!

Hyper 212+ is much better than any other cooler for CPU (Central processing Unit). Any cooler will come in with user manual. How to properly install/connect it. Both were in demand so both of these coolers are quite higher than other stack coolers. The best part of this is the CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) Technology create a perfect heat conduction. The heat pipes also provides additional good features of this cooler. It keeps the heat away from your computer. “Air Conditioner 101.” Air conditioners and any type of cooling devices uses heat pipes. That keeps away the heat the device. Most of the pipes doe have water or so called “Freon.” There are different heat pipes but the best thing about this is it conducts lesser heat and keeps away the heat form the device. In computer it a very small amount of liquid. It will only follow the principles of heat sink to lower down the heat in your CPU.

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