Benefits Of Big Data

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Can I use Big Data for knowing the preferences and patterns of the customers? How much amount of huge data will be required to perform analysis on it? And what are the various tools I can use to work with big data? Also, let me know some benefits of big data in today’s world.

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Benefits Of Big Data


Big data is one of the most useful technology for knowing the patterns of customer as big data is a term used for a collection of data which are large and complex that it becomes difficult to process with the help of tools. It is used to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and trends it usually helps organizations to make a decision.

For example. In a supermarket, the way all the products are placed tells a lot about customer’s buying patterns. All the dairy products are placed together all the grocery products are together this pattern is usually fixed as it becomes easy for the customer to search through products such as analysis can be done with the help of big data.

Usually, the size of big data is 1,024 terabytes or 1,024 petabytes which consist of billions to trillions of records all from different sources such as social media, customer care, website, sales, etc.

Various tools can be used for big data such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, RapidMiner, MongoDB, Neo4j and many more all these tools are open source there are various other tools for data capturing, data mining and data analysis.

The benefits of data mining include cost savings, better sales insight, implementing new strategies, and improved service.

Now a day’s big data is very important as organizations can find new opportunities and gain new insights to run their business.

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