Benefits and Limitations of Mouse Control from Visual Basic 6

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I wanted to know what other task can the Mouse Control remote administration application made from Visual Basic 6 can control aside from the mouse, keyboard, and shutting down of computers? I also would want to know its limitations or what it cannot do that other administration applications can do. Thank you.

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Benefits and Limitations of Mouse Control from Visual Basic 6


Hello! Abraham:

There's a lot of things that you can make through Mouse Control such as copying your works from other document or other page that you wanted to paste the information just click Ctrl C then go to the page you want to copy click Ctrl V, now you may see the result work transferring to other page. You may also use Ctrl S to save your file on the current page or document that you are working. If you wish to have a underline on the word just click Ctrl U by draging the word you want to have an underline as well as you may also Ctrl B for bolding you words just click Ctrl B to the words you like to make it darker.


My advise is just try it typing any message on the blank documents at windows microsoft word and type any words you wish and apply the command i have written above.

Thank you hope this will help you a lot.


Truly yours,

Mary Jessette M. Acedilla


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