Benefits from the AJAX application versus the JavaScript applet

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What are the advantages or benefits that  I could get from using an AJAX application over a JavaScript applet?

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Benefits from the AJAX application versus the JavaScript applet


Hello Whitney

I think you mean Java applet instead of JavaScript applet. 

Anyways, most web designers prefer HTML, JavaScript, and AJAX over Java applets or flash. 

The reasons usually cited are the following:

1.  Java applets tend to have slower start-up times.  A few split seconds of lag is all it takes for people to lose interest in web pages that they are visiting, and web designers want their pages to be as snappy as possible.

2.  JavaScript and AJAX has more widespread support on web servers and browsers.

3.  Java applets require developers to know Java while AJAX and JavaScript is already standard knowledge for web developers.

In the end, you should let your needs, experience, development time and requirements help you decide whether to go with AJAX or Java applets.

Hope this helps!

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Benefits from the AJAX application versus the JavaScript applet


AJAX is quickly becoming an essential part of some of the websites. Several of them use it to manage their web applications because it offers a superior interactivity to users. The reason behind this is because when using AJAX, it doesn’t need for a web page to be reloaded. For the advantages on its use:

  • Better interactivity – this is one of the most outstanding benefits why some of the webmasters as well as developers are changing and implementing AJAX to their websites. It lets a faster and simpler communication between the website and the users because web pages don’t need to be reloaded to display its contents.
  • Easier navigation – AJAX applications can be created and be integrated with the web site for a faster and easy navigation which is better compared to the usual back and forward buttons available in the web browser.
  • Compact – using AJAX, some of the multi-purpose applications and features can be controlled by only 1 web page. This already prevents the mess when creating several other web pages just to handle the web applications.
  • Backed by reputed brands – one more promising cause why it is better to use AJAX is the fact that some of the complicated web applications are managed by AJAX. One best example for this is the Google Maps.
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Benefits from the AJAX application versus the JavaScript applet


Hi experts, you have provided me with many great tips. I am a newbie web developer and I am going towards AJAX web development which is gaining my attention day by day, so, I think I need to know about AJAX to be a good developer in future. Now a days, there are lots of websites where AJAX is applied in different ways and purposes and it could be more reliable to the developers in creating web designs.Friends, your solutions are very informative and helpful too. You have provided me a lot of information which was not known to me especially about compact web application. With its features and flexible applications can be managed on a single web page, rather than a cluster of different web pages. Really I was surprised with its greatest application, thanks again friends.

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