Belkin UPS Power Management software installation error

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I am trying to install Belkin UPS Power Management software. However, during installation, an error message appeared.

It says "Reapeatedly Running. There is an instance of setup running.

Please wait."

I am completely stuck up with this error. Can you guide me how to fix this error?


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Belkin UPS Power Management software installation error



The simple cause is that you click on the icon to install the software several times. this lets all other instances of the program to wait and give error saying that it requires that only one instance of the installation wizard should run at a time. This is the most important of all that two same processes cannot install at the same time. The erroneous condition is very well handled by the software. Thus if you think only one instance is running, then check process of Task manager. The process running the installation is listed multiple times.

For any further problems let us know.


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Belkin UPS Power Management software installation error



Hai Arnold Huang,
The reason for the error that you have prescribed is, The system have already started installing the software hwn you inserted the software 
cd and it runs on background. Then you tried to install the software manually by running the belkin software.
This is why you got the problem. Trying to run 2 installations of same software at same time.
The possible solution that you can do is to re-install the software. Before re-installing, you have to delete the files that is previously copied to your machine. For this you may have to locate the local drive which the software is installed.  Then locate the folder called 'Belkin_APM_Setting_Up'. Then delete the folder.
After deleting re-insert your cd and let the software install itself automatically.
Hope these helped.

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