Beep Sound of Computer. Short beeps

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I am a native computer user. I used my own computer from the last several months. There is a beep sound at the time of starting the computer. Sometimes there are two short beeps. When it beeps one time, then the computer starts without an error. But in the case of two beeps some settings are changed like date time setting of computer.

Is this any vital problem or error?

I am quite tense about this.

Can anyone help me to find out the problem?

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Beep Sound of Computer. Short beeps


Dear Sam,

The computer normally starts with one short beep. It is quite normal for computers. This means that the computer is booting successfully. There is nothing to worry about this beep. Two beeps are sign of a problem but it is not so vital. These beeps signify the CMOS error. That means, there is a problem with your BIOS battery.

BIOS battery is a dc volt battery which is on your Motherboard. Your date time settings are changed due to this battery. That means your BIOS cannot restore your previous settings. This is an irritating problem. The remedy of it is simple. Just replace the battery with new one. There will be a number on that battery just buy it with this number.

I'll give you some more ideas about beeps:

  • 1 long beep + 1 short beep: DRAM or logic board error.
  • Continuous Short beep: Power Error.
  • Continuous long beep: DRAM Error.
  • 1 long beep + 2 short beeps: Monitor or Graphics Error.

These are the common beep problems in computers.

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Beep Sound of Computer. Short beeps


Thanks Pal.

The same problem occurred to me also. My problem : when i started my computer it produced 1 long beep + 2 short beeps and nothing was appearing in my monitor. I thought that my monitor was crashed. When i told this to my friend he told me to search for the meaning of beep sound in pc's. Fortunately the first result was from this site and to this page.

It really helped me. When i checked my pc's monitor connection it was slightly disconnected.

Thanks to david hogg and all the expert team in who really helped me and as well as Mr.Sam

It was really an helpful information.

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