Battery charger to my BENQ Joy Book p52 is not working

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The battery charger to my BENQ Joy Book p52 is not working anymore. It was all okay the other day since the green light was on and I was using it. I do not think the socket has a problem because I have tried all other sockets in the house but the charger will not function. Is the charger with the problem or the Joy book?

What am I supposed to do in such a situation?


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Battery charger to my BENQ Joy Book p52 is not working


Hi, you may have overlooked your problem by 

1. Your laptop is fully charged, thus the light will not go on. Please check your power management settings under control panel. 

2. Your battery is not functioning at its optimum. Maybe your battery is broken already. Do you expose you battery to over sunlight? Or to extreme temperatures? If yes, your battery may be the problem.

3. The cable of your charger might have problems or short wires. Did it get wet? Did you plug it to the right voltage? 

On the other hand, try this second solution:

1. Turn off your laptop and remove the battery. Hold the power button of your laptop for 30seconds.

2. Plug in your charger and charge your laptop without the battery. Try holding the power button again for 30 seconds. If it went on, the problem is your laptop battery.

3. If it did not turn on, put back your battery and try switching it on without the charger. If it turned on, the problem is with your charger. 


There are many laptop chargers for sale in Ebay and Amazon for a cheaper price if your charger is broken and you need to replace it. But a better idea is that if your laptop is still under warranty, you may bring it to the nearest service center and have it fixed for free. 


Sinky Kramer

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