Bandwidth Limiter or Bandwidth Management

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Just wondering if you guys can help me with my curiosity.

In my previous work, I have a friend who can monitor network and internet connection and in fact he could tell me in details where the users usually browse internet to and he can even assign bandwidth to each user, and he can even make the speed for certain user very slow.

I was very curious on how that works and asked him about it several times, but he always gave me vague an answer, and I understand that probably he feels reluctant sharing his knowledge.

I know he's using some kind of the bandwidth limiter software since we don't have CISCO hardware or any bandwidth management hardware in previous work.

In my current work, the internet connection is very slow because many users open video and music streaming and I remember about my friend in my previous work and wondering if I could apply his technique in my current work.

Unfortunately since he's reluctant sharing his knowledge even now, I can't apply it for the internet connection. Currently, I'm using SDSL connection with 2 Mbps and we have installed some Cisco Router.

Can you help me suggests what kind of software or perhaps any additional software needed to be installed in the network ?



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Bandwidth Limiter or Bandwidth Management


Hi Alex,

That is right, there are actually lots of Bandwidth limiters or more technically called as Bandwidth Shaper out in the market and some are even 100 % free.

Here are few Bandwidth Shapers and monitors for you to choose from:

1. PRTG Network Monitor is a bandwidth usage monitoring solution that is actually economical and user-friendly. It also keeps track of different network parameters via SNMP or NetFlow. It is compatible with Cisco routers, HP Procurve switches and numerous other hardware or equipment, enabling you to record the actual volume of data movements, keep track of Pc utilization, assess hard drive usage and a lot more.

2. cFosSpeed probably is the most effective bandwidth limiter for Windows operating-system, it may be chosen as a good alternative to NetLimiter.

cFosSpeed can be set up to prioritize bandwidth of programs like, Google Earth, browsers, net meeting platforms, media player, etc.

3. SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager has bandwidth control wherein rules can be set to specify a bandwidth limit for each Internet user or to specific IP addresses, ports as well as network interfaces without making any change to the current network structure.

4. NetWorx can show the actual incoming and outgoing traffic in real time. It shows you just how fast your internet connection is and tell you the current connections in a single window.

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