Backup for Netscape on memory stick

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What is the procedure to burn the disk and make backups for Netscape on memory stick? I also need to make backups of 100 software.

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Backup for Netscape on memory stick



The procedure to burn backup disks for softwares is explained below:

  1. Firstly, check the space required for the backup of the software. If it is below 700 MB then you can use a CD to burn the backup disk. If the space required is more than 700 MB then use a DVD.
  2. Insert the empty disk into the disk drive of your computer.
  3. Go to control panel and select backup and restore. In the new window that appears, select backup files.
  4. Now, select the files that you want to backup and then select the disk in which you want to burn the files. Click burn to disk.

This is the procedure to burn backup files to a disk.

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Backup for Netscape on memory stick


Let’s make it general not only for Netscape. When you want to make a backup of different applications on a CD, first you need to have a CD burning software. There are free versions available on the web that you can download. Next, you need a blank CD-R or DVD-R for the backup media.

This will be the container or the media that will contain the backup software. Finally and most importantly, you need an optical drive that can burn CDs. Your CD or DVD drive can be a CD writer or a DVD writer. It would be an advantage if you have a DVD writer because a CD writer is limited only to CDs and not to DVDs.

Now to begin, copy all the programs you want to create backup to on a folder. Insert a blank CD-R into your optical drive. Open your CD burning software and navigate to the folder where the programs are located. Select all the files in the folder and load it into the CD burning application to create a new project.

Label or name the CD to recognize it when you insert it in the drive. Make sure all files are already loaded. Finally, click Burn to start burning the files to the CD. It will take several minutes to complete the process. While the application is burning the disc, make sure not to eject the CD because it will damage the disc physically and will be unusable. If this happens, you need a new blank CD to start again.

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