Backup linux (Ubuntu) question please help

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If the backup runs long, and is still running when the next scheduled time comes up, will croon start another instance of sync? I am setting up a sync backup job on Linux (ubuntu 11.10 server or will it hold off as the existing process is still running?

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Backup linux (Ubuntu) question please help



The old one you had used to sync update now. There is no similarity to new version. it attach new function to its operating well. So let work properly to best scheduled time.

Back up files would not create problem. it have a long term requirements. So it does better. Only new sync can serve your little bit problem. This is not very complicated problem as you say. Before do it. Check out the drive or folder carefuly and finally sure to scan for important files. croon must start on new one for best purpose.

You already get all solutions to work. You have confusion about it, no more now. Keep going

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