I/O Device Error on creating backup

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Hello again,

This site is great. I've got an answer for my previous question. This is another problem; I have some other problems also.

I will write my question one by one please look at this and try to give me a solution.

I am trying to finish a backup on a W2K8 STD Server through an external USB drive. The devices I am using are 120GB Samsung S1 Mini. What I noticed is that I can’t complete or finish a scheduled or an on-demand backup towards these devices. When I try to attempt a backup, I automatically get this error and when this error is generated the backup will stop. The error that displays is this one:

"One of the backup files could not be created. Detailed Error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"
A System event log error is also generated:
Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Backup
Date: 10/12/2009 1:34:14 PM
Event ID: 517
Task Category: None
Level: Error
User: GREYSTONEadministrator
Computer: GSERVER.greystone.local
Backup started at '10/12/2009 6:33:44 PM' failed with following error code '2155348010' (One of the backup files could not be created.). Please rerun backup once issue is resolved.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Backup" Guid="{1db28f2e-8f80-4027-8c5a-a11f7f10f62d}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2009-10-12T18:34:14.286Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="3060" ThreadID="1028" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-21-3346377497-3916918110-3897609911-500" />
<Data Name="BackupTime">2009-10-12T18:33:44.051Z</Data>
<Data Name="ErrorCode">2155348010</Data>
<Data Name="ErrorMessage">%%2155348010</Data>

I have tried several of these drives without success. I can move/copy/create/delete files to and from these devices through Explorer and I am able to complete a backup to an external drive from another mfg.


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I/O Device Error on creating backup


Hello Newadmin,

This issue is that the SAMSUNG  drive has a 4096 byte sector size. Windows server backups are not designed to run on such a disk that's the problem. I had a discussion with Microsoft staff via phone and during the discussion they have mentioned  that  they will work on the case and they will try to remove this issue from future releases of their products.

Maybe it will come as a patch or a part of an update file, but some hard disks with 4096 byte sectors are okay to support and to emulation mode for 512 byte sector.

I don't know for sure whether your SAMSUNG product is supported or not. Its better to contact your hard disk manufacturer if 512 sector size emulation can be enabled, then windows backup will be able to use your disk.  If your hard disk support 512 byte sector emulation, you will able to use your hard in windows backup. Cheers.



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I/O Device Error on creating backup


Hello Newadmin,

You will need to check if all the files have been created on the hard drive.

To do that, check the Volume shadow copy service in services window using the following steps:

  • On your computer, click Start and type services.msc in the search box.
  • After that, you will need to search for the Volume shadow copy service.
  • Ensure that the start-up type is automatic. If not you can set it up using the following procedure:
  • First, you will search for the service, and the right click on it.
  • In case the service is stopped, Start it.
  • And then select Properties, and then in the Start-up type select Automatic.

Should look as below



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