Back up data base error

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I attempted to run a backup in HQ and SO ( admins) and I got the following error message(s). I really tried hard to resolve this error but could not fix this issue so I need your help to demolish this error.


For HQ: Cannot open back device.

‘C:UsersAdministratorDesktopfirstHQ.bck. Operating System error 5(Access is denied.). BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.



For SO: Cannot open back device. ‘C:Usersowner Document so.bck’. Operating System error 3(The System cannot find the path specified.). BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

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Back up data base error


Hi Victor,
Let us consider the first error: The error Operating System error 5 (Access is denied).Thiserror is caused because the read/write permissions were not properly assigned to the Database Backup folder of the SQL Service account. Due to this, SQL server was not able to write into the specified file. You must provide necessary access permissions to the database to avoid the above error.
Now let us consider the second error:Operating System error 3 (The System cannot find the path specified). This error can arise due to two conditions: Inappropriate Access permissions to SQL Agent Incorrect domain login
Solution 1:- The error may arise if the path is not available or the SQL Agent account does not contain the appropriate permissions.In order to avoid
such errors, you must delete the database and maintenance plans as well the scheduled job associated with it.
Solution 2:- Ensure that the SQL Server is running with the domain account. If logged other than the domain account login, you might get the above error.

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