Installing Avid Studio Error on Windows XP

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Hi folks,

I am trying to install Avid Studio on my pc but unfortunately it is giving me error and quits every time.

I install the previous trial of avid studio version and everything was working well. Now when new version is out, I want to test it, but now it is not allowing me to install.

Please help me.

My pc is windows XP sp 3 core 2 duo 3 GB ram and 500 GB hard disk.

Anticipatory thanks for your help.

Note: the error presented to me by the installer program is

And the screen shot for the error is

avid studio error


[texture:scale_to_target] 0 or 1 required

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Installing Avid Studio Error on Windows XP


Hi there, I am Robbie Bles

This error you are facing is caused by a previous installation of Avid Studio installed in your system. According to Avid site, this problem, in rare cases, may appear and all you have to do is click OK to make it go away, they say it does not mean that there is an error in Avid Studio so they say clicking OK should just work. Now since you are saying this error prevents you for installing, you might want to try uninstalling the previous version first and cleaning any trace of it on your computer's registry, this way there won’t be any interruptions. If the error still persists, you might want to try to consult Avid to fix the issue.

Hope that helps.

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Installing Avid Studio Error on Windows XP


The error you are receiving occurs when you have previously installed the Studio version. But the error does not affect or signify any problem with your newly installed Avid Studio. You just need to click the OK button to avoid the error. Or you can also try to remove first all the previous Avid Studio contents and then perform a clean install with the newest version.

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