Avast Antivirus error after it was updated.

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My mom just fallen into a "big problem" with her computer. This is about a desktop of old Dell Dimension 4600 running in XP Home.

Mom runs Avast Antivirus software, and this morning it was declared to update the application. She pressed where she told to click. After the update process, Avast told her to restart her computer, and the computer goes through the restart process. All was going normally, but suddenly, the system just freezes. Her desktop wallpaper and desktop icons are (I think) present. But the taskbar / start menu / systray icons is not visible. At the same time she receives an error message says:

 "Unable to start applications -2147023174," with a pop up that requires to restart the computer. She can only restart it via the hardware button. She repeatedly doing it, but each time she faces the same problem.

 I can help her at some point, but she's in a hurry and the internet connection on her system is slow, so I want to do research as much as I can before I go.

Any approach to solve this problem would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Avast Antivirus error after it was updated.



Hi Jerry

I do understand that the problem occurred after doing an update to the AVG anti-virus. The error “Unable to start applications” is too broad since it is not indicating what application is having a problem. We need to identify if it’s really the AVG that is causing the problem. To check, please follow the steps:

-Go to Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, Computer Management and you will see the Event Viewer. Expand Application and you will see there the error.

-Check what application that failed to run.

If you already know the application, go to Start then Run. Type services.msc and hit enter. Look for the application service and make sure that it is Started and in Automatic.

You can also look for the service in the system configuration. Go to Start then Run and type msconfig.exe.  You can select normal startup is Startup Selection or you can configure it manually. Just look for the application under Startup tab and make sure it has a check mark then hit Apply then OK. Restart the computer and check.

If all of the troubleshooting steps won’t work, you can just do a System Restore and restore the computer before the AVG update.

Hope you will find this helpful.


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