Automatic and personalized tool for Twitter users

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I have read a recent update in Twitter. I want to know more about Kifi and what is the essence of using it? How does Kifi works? What are the basic functionalities that you can use? Does it require any system specifications? Can it be download to any desktop and laptops? Is it also available for Android and iPhones? Does it require any additional plug-ins to make it work? Or we can just download one whole package and ready to use? Please provide me information. Thank you!

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Automatic and personalized tool for Twitter users



Kifi is a new tool that allows Twitter users to save the links of all their tweets.  It helps Twitter users create their own search engine which includes all the links, as well as other link recommendations on what users have tweeted about.  It lets you keep these links by emailing it, which is helpful when you are using devices that don’t have the Kifi app on it.  You can get the app for Android and for iPhone.

How to save pages via email is very easy.  All you need to do is make sure that the email address that you are using is linked to your Kifi account.  Once you would like to send or forward a link you want to save, just email it to [email protected] and it will then be saved to your Main Library.  A users Main Library can be viewed by anyone.  If you would like to keep something in your Private Library, which can only be viewed by you, then just email the link to [email protected].  Multiple links can be sent in one email.  Once your link has been saved onto either of your libraries, you will receive a confirmation email.

You are also able to search for Libraries to follow.  As a starting point, choose from 15 different characters that you would be interested in.  Once you have made your selection, Kifi will recommend libraries that are relevant to your selected interests.




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