AutoIt Internet Explorer.au3 Internal Error

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Hi there,

This error appeared when I opened Internet Explorer and after I pressed the OK button the browser closed. I tried to open again and it worked, the problem is that sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn’t. Any solution for my error ? Can anyone help me please ?

Thank you !

AutoIt Error

Line 2261 (File “L . UPDATE AUTOIT INCLUDE.AU3”):

Return SetError($_IEStatus_Sourcess, $o Temp.GetElementsByTanNames($s-TagName).length

$o Temp.GetElementsByTanNames($s-TagName))

Return SetError($_IEStatus_Sourcess, $o Temp.GetElementsByTanNames($s-TagName) ERROR

Error: Object referenced outside a “With” statement.

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AutoIt Internet Explorer.au3 Internal Error


I don’t know what AutoIt has something to do with opening Microsoft Internet Explorer but if this happens, check if you have AutoIt on your computer. If you haven’t installed it yet or you already have it but an older version, download and install the latest version, AutoIt Once installed, try starting Microsoft Internet Explorer again and see if the error appears.

Try to monitor if the error comes back from time to time and if it does, try upgrading Microsoft Internet Explorer to version 8 since you are using Microsoft Windows XP and it is the latest and last version compatible with Windows XP. Download and install Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately, if you have Service Pack 2 or lower, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 will not install because it requires Service Pack 3.

Download and update your operating system to Windows XP Service Pack 3.

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