Auto It fails to find in section PrepPE

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Failed to find section in PrepPE and AutoIT error dialog. Recently I updated my Windows 7 and I think this could cause the error because I never had any errors with AutoIt. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? The updates of Windows 7 is causing this error ?

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AutoIt Error

Line 1456 (File “E:WinBuilderWorkbenchCommonScriptManagerGenaScriptManager.exe”):

Error: Array Variable has incorrect number of subscript or subscript dimension range exceeded.

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Auto It fails to find in section PrepPE


You should keep in your mind, that the value that is returned by UBound is greater than the Index of an array's last element. 

Do the following steps:

  • Check how many elements is your Ubound returning.
  • If it is returning some extra elements then
  • Make them equal to the Index of an array's last element.
  • In this there will not be error again.

The other way to fix the error is that use the Ubound in the following way.

For $ rd = 1 to ubound ( $ strarr)  -1

In many scripting languages Array usually begins with "0" Therefore follow fix the code as seen in the image.



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