Authorization Failed : Paypal This payment cannot be funded …

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Hi everybody,

I am facing a problem with PayPal. The 'Authorization Failed' message is coming during payment.

What I did is just clicked the liked address when the page is redirecting.

After the click the said message is appearing and since than I couldn't make any transaction. How can the problem be solved?


Authorization Failed

This payment cannot be funded with a credit card at this time.

This payment cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later.



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Authorization Failed : Paypal This payment cannot be funded …


Maybe the time you were doing the transaction in PayPal the service that was supposed to be accessed was temporarily unavailable. Sometimes they are doing some maintenance that is why there are services that are temporarily disabled. But this is only temporary and will be back again later. PayPal also don’t accept funding of your PayPal account coming from a bank account.

If you really need to make a payment with your PayPal account through your credit card you may wish to contact PayPal’s customer service regarding your failed transaction or try calling their Help Center at this address: This link is also found at the bottom of the page when you access your account labeled “Contact Us”.

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Authorization Failed : Paypal This payment cannot be funded …


Hello Linda,

Maybe you clicked on a button or tried to do something that questionable which led to the PayPal admin to temporarily disable your account, and thus you will need to contact the PayPal support so that they can restore your account.

Another possible cause could be that your credit card has expired and therefore you will need to renew it so that you can continue transacting using PayPal. Just check the dates and expires on your credit card to verify this.

Also, you could be trying to withdraw from your account beyond the set limit, or the PayPal service was temporarily out of service.


Lee Hung

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